Michael Zamir

Managing Principal, Co-Founder

Michael Zamir co-founded Next Healthcare (Next) with Ron Hersh and Robert Hartman, after spending the previous 12 years working in a family business. A savvy deal-maker and real estate entrepreneur, Michael capitalizes on opportunities to invest in healthcare facilities by identifying demographic shifts occurring throughout the country. Imbalances in the industry are creating a limited supply of healthcare facilities and a growing demand for care by aging baby boomers. Michael brings all the pieces of the entrepreneurial puzzle together, working closely with operators, investors and sellers and quickly allocating resources to structure investments that create long-term value for Next and its investors. Along with his partners, he is a key participant in each investment. As a result, Michael has helped Next to grow from a modest firm to the national investment firm it has become today.

Ron Hersh

Principal, Co-Founder

Next’s Co-Founder Ron Hersh is an active investor and entrepreneur with substantial investments in the real estate and healthcare sectors. With over 20 years of industry knowledge, and investments in over 400 different assets across the space, Hersh has a unique insight into what makes businesses succeed. He is the former founder and CEO of Rosetti Handbags, a family business which he sold in 2006 to Li & Fung, a Chinese conglomerate on the Hong Kong exchange. In addition to his work at Next, he is the CEO of Kochin Group, LLC, a family office which manages a multi faceted investment portfolio.

Robert Hartman

Principal and Senior Advisor

Robert is a visionary business leader with extensive regulatory, financial and operational experience. He has been involved with the start-up and creation of over 30 healthcare-related businesses. As Next’s Senior Advisor, he is able to create value for investors through his ability to identify and evaluate emerging healthcare opportunities in the market. Being a skilled nursing portfolio operator for nearly 40 years allows Bob to add an operator’s perspective to the Next investment team.

Throughout his long career, Robert distinguished himself in the healthcare industry as Founder and Chairman of NuCare Services Corp., as a Principal at Consulate Health Care, as Principal and Director at Genesis Healthcare, and as Principal and Founder of Midway Capital Partners. He also volunteers his leadership skills by sitting on the board of Genesis Healthcare, Consulate Healthcare and Formation Development Group.

Robert is an active member of the healthcare community, serving on the Illinois Council on Long-Term Care, and the Health Care Council of Illinois. He also served as a Trustee of Northeastern Illinois University.

Harold Sussman

Chief Investment Officer

Harold Sussman is Next’s CIO, and brings with him 35 years of financial and legal experience from a variety of industries, including healthcare and commercial real estate. Harold was drawn to Next because of its focus on a significant asset class that is often overlooked by larger investment firms- Skilled Nursing Real Estate. As a CPA and licensed attorney, he has worked in public and private practice, applying his expertise to a wide array of legal and tax issues. Harold’s specialized knowledge as a financial consultant and tax advisor allows him to conduct strategic due diligence on all transactions to ensure the best acquisitions are made by Next. He also helps Next identify tax efficient structures for sellers. In addition to his work at Next, he is the CFO for the Kochin Group, LLC. He also sits on the boards of Consulate Healthcare and Formation Development Group.

Shimmy Sussman

Chief Financial Officer

Shimmy is an entrepreneurial-minded finance executive who brings a strong analytical and financial acumen to his position as CFO. Shimmy’s role includes underwriting and obtaining financing for new acquisitions, as well as overseeing asset management at Next. His background as a CPA combined with hands-on investment experience has given Shimmy a deep knowledge of financial and operational modeling in our industry. Shimmy’s leadership and guidance to the asset management team allows Next to maximize the value of each asset in the company’s portfolio while Next continues to grow its platform.